It’s about feet.

It's about feet.

Nice to have you here!
Finally, my videos are available outside Germany. Wooohooo and yeeeaaaaah! And that's what it's all about: feet. Naked feet, clean feet, dirty feet, feet with sneakers, high heels, clogs, buffalos, socks or cast – feet that are just looking cute and nice or sometimes, destroying things or dominating you. The special thing about ALEXANDRA FOOTAGE is: it's not nasty or offensive. No "slavery" or "mistressness". Ok, this word might not exist, but do you get it nevertheless? ALEXANDRA FOOTAGE videos are imaginative. Relax yourself and have fun!  There will be an english version of my website soon. If you don't want to wait for this, you've got to fight through the jungle of german descriptions in my shop 😀 Go for it!