New cast video – LLWC with toe plate and walking heel

Alex had a skiing accident and is now wearing a purple LLWC with toe plate. She’s really going through a rough patch now – but Alex cheers herself up, because after all, thanks to the cast, an unsightly surgical scar has been spared her! You might accompany her all day through:
Part 1: Wake up, sleepyhead! Get out of the comfy bed and go to the bathroom, freshen up a bit. After that, having breakfast, but with your leg in cast and crutches you have to plan more time, as a maximum of one hand is free to carry things. If you have misplaced the mobile phone, a search can be a bit awkward!
Part 2: Ready dressed, doing a bit of housework. Hang up the laundry and then leaving home, Alex has an appointment with her friend Sophie at the “Wald Café”. Too bad – on her way, the sole of her (Buffalo-) shoe kind of starts to peel off. Sophie promises to bring a spare shoe on the phone. Alex doesn’t lose heart and continues her way towards the café. During a break, she loses balance and tumbles…
Part 3: That was a close shave, only the LLWC has become a little dirty. Alex makes herself comfortable with Sophie at the café (public!) and answers all her friend’s compassionate questions: how did the accident happen, how do you go to the bathroom with your leg in cast and do you actually sweat underneath?

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