Ticklish feet…?

Mann kitzelt die Füße seiner Freundin

Fiona’s feet have always been super ticklish. Her boyfriend Max likes to take advantage of this circumstance to annoy her. And sometimes also to tickle secrets out of her 🙂 For example, when Fiona doesn’t want to tell him what he’s getting for his birthday, he first fakes a foot massage – and then tickles her soles and toes until she gives up and reveals the presents. Sometimes tickling is also suitable as a “punishment”, SEE HERE!

Purchase videos with credit card

As of yet, purchasing videos was only possible with PayPal. From now on you can also pay with credit card! Just select “NetDebit” after filling your cart. The transaction will be anonymous, your account statement will show “NETDEBIT.DE”. Happy shopping 🙂

New series with leg casts and crutches

In spring, I started a screenplay contest on my special page which is dedicated to cast (www.patreon.com/alexandrafootage). All members (currently around 170) had the opportunity to submit an idea for a new cast series. The winner was determined by vote. The screenplay “Raising a new passion”, which is about two friends with different passions, has won through. While one of the two main actresses is super sporty, the other has a rather unusual preference…
You are also a fan of sprained ankles and leg casts? Just check my page!

Blog Revival

Shame on me, I’ve been neglecting the blog lately.
Over the past months I have been given the chance to shoot quite a lot of extensive videos based on great, creative ideas. Most of them had something to do with leg casts or at least with crutches, but there was also a great order on the topic of feet tickling (“The Code”). I am currently preparing the recording of a new radio play and planning to shoot a new series for my cast channel on Patreon (“Cast unique”).
I’m gonna tell you more soon 🙂

See you,

Double Long Leg Cast (DLLC)

Woman with Double Long Leg Cast, DLLC, white fibercast

At the beginning of June I completed my most extensive video order. 5 actors, 10 settings and 2 broken legs, combined with an entertaining story and various cast highlights!
The crime story “Silenced” is about the private investigator Nora Liebe, who is confronted with jealousy, deception and revenge in a small town. During her investigations she is not misled by a fall downstairs, nor by an attack on her. This leads to the fact that she first appears at work with one and later with two leg casts (DLLC = Double Long Leg Cast)… CHECK OUT THE VIDEO


Holzlatschen- und Hörspielfans aufgepasst!

Für die Audio-Umsetzung der Geschichte “Das Landmädchen in Holzclogs” (verfasst von Holzlatschen-Enthusiast Benny) werden Unterstützer gesucht, die sich finanziell an diesem Projekt beteiligen möchten. Mailt mir bei Interesse an alex@alexandrafootage.com, dann gebe ich euch gern weitere Infos.

Darum geht’s:
“Das hübsche Landmädchen Lydia trägt leidenschaftlich gerne Holzlatschen mit niedlich geringelten Kuschelsocken bei ihrer Arbeit auf dem Bauernhof. Sie klappert dabei lässig mit ihren verratzten Holzclogs über den Hof und schlurft im Stall durch jeden Dreck. Ihre schönen Füße mit den rot lackierten Fußnägeln schwitzen jedoch immer in ihren über längere Zeit getragenen Kuschelsocken und speckigen Holzlatschen. Ein Feriengast aus der Stadt, der zwei Wochen ländlich ruhigen Urlaub auf diesem Bauernhof verbringen möchte, findet rasch Gefallen an dem süßen Landmädchen und ihren duften Füßen in den gammeligen Holzlatschen. Er freundet sich schon am Tage seiner Ankunft mit Lydia an und gesteht ihr bald seine Vorliebe für sie und ihre hübschen Füße in den extremen Holzlatschen…”

The best leg cast stories…

…are at “Cast unique” on Patreon! Sly fox Beatrice, the lazy househelp, broke her ankle while secretly trying the high heel boots of her employer. Since she’s afraid to loose her job now, she comes up with many creative ideas to hide her leg cast from her employers.



Barefoot days are over

This year’s German super-summer is (actually) over, the super-autumn will probably also come to an end. So, very soon, the warm socks season starts again and my beautiful feet will be “mothballed” … Not at all! In order to survive the cold season, my dear footlover, you will be supplied with marvelous video material that I have stashed like a hard-working squirrel for you!

Series “Mama knows best” (Cast entertainment)

My project Cast unique on Patreon now includes many exciting cast stories, among others the series “Mama knows better”. It is about a young woman who does everything for her career, until an accident turns her life upside down! With Mama’s support, she gets – in the truest sense of the word – slowly back on her feet. Join Cast unique and get access to this and other addictive cast adventures…