Double Long Leg Cast (DLLC)

Woman with Double Long Leg Cast, DLLC, white fibercast

At the beginning of June I completed my most extensive video order. 5 actors, 10 settings and 2 broken legs, combined with an entertaining story and various cast highlights!
The crime story “Silenced” is about the private investigator Nora Liebe, who is confronted with jealousy, deception and revenge in a small town. During her investigations she is not misled by a fall downstairs, nor by an attack on her. This leads to the fact that she first appears at work with one and later with two leg casts (DLLC = Double Long Leg Cast)… CHECK OUT THE VIDEO



  1. Lovely! Endlich kann man Dich auch in einem DLLC sehen … beide Casts sehen fantastisch aus und dein/die Rollenspiel/Story ist mehr als gelungen. Wenn jetzt noch der Wheelchair und ne Pantyhose ins Spiel kommen, bin ich restlos glücklich. Danke für diesen sehr schönen Clip.

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