A painful day (accident, cast)

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Alex is in a hurry – she’s late but she can’t find her keys. She hastens downstairs, turns her ankle and falls over. She has a terrible pain in her shinbone and ankle and so she calls an ambulance. Since she’s a very conscientious person, she also calls her boss to tell him that she can’t go to work today.
At hospital, Alex is examined by a doctor who carefully cuts her pantyhose to take a closer look at her injuries. Alex is afraid that her ankle and shinbone are broken and, unfortunately, she’s right. She gets a short leg cast with a toe plate.
Back home, Alex is nagged not only by her pain, she also has a bad conscience because she doesn’t want to leave a bad impression with her colleagues. She decides to drop by at the office despite her bad condition.
She’s afraid that her colleagues might stare at her naked toes, so she decides to veil them and puts a nylon sock over her cast and her toes and leaves for the office. She needs to take several breaks on her way, weeping and groaning all the time because her leg hurts so much.
When Alex finally arrives at the office, nobody’s there, her colleagues seem to be at lunch. She props up her leg on the desk, which relieves the pain a bit. Alex wants to get a filing folder from the top of a rack – stupid idea!

LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN VIDEO: German (you can choose between a version with or without english subtitles below!)

12,50  total
12,50  total


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2 reviews for A painful day (accident, cast)

  1. GipStefan

    Endlich meine Lieblingskombi, Gips und Nylons! Also ich find’s mega. Gerne mehr in dieser Art! 🙂

  2. Flo

    absolut geniales video!!
    Regie könnte man besser machen , gips war grandios.

  3. Fred

    One of the best cast / pain videos I’ve ever seen. This girl is doing a great job!

  4. Jojo

    Absolut begeistert!

  5. Ross

    Wonderful in every way, a film that really brings out the empathy, it is how you might imagine when being told a work colleague had fallen at home and broken her ankle. Plaster and the little skin tan stocking was a lovely choice and a personal favourite from long ago. Only one lost star because I’m not a toe plate fan, but I know there are so many who would disagree with me 🙂

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