Bad Conscience (Sprain, Cast)

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Finally it’s weekend and time to relax – if only there wasn’t the invitation of Hannah’s parents for lunch. Hannah suggests to her friend Max that he could at least clean up the hallway before they have to leave. His sports equipment has been spread on the ground for days. But Max convinces her to cuddle up on the sofa instead, where he caresses Hannah’s long nylon legs as usual. At some point, the two have to go after all if they don’t want to be late. While Hannah takes one last look in the mirror, it happens: she stumbles over the sports equipment of her friend. She twists her right ankle and also hurts her knee when she tumbles. Max is taken by surprise when he finds his crying girlfriend on the floor and does not really know what to do. He carefully takes off her boot and feels her leg – his girlfriend’s ankle and knee are in great pain. He carries her on the sofa. Hannah is completely upset and blames him while he’s trying to calm her. The two decide to go to Hannah’s family doctor, Dr. Hennig. The crutches from the last strain make it easier for Hannah to reach their car. At the doctor’s office, they have to wait a moment. Max suspects the injury is not that dramatic. Maybe he’s a bit too optimistic…
Shortly thereafter, Dr. Hennig examines Hannah in the treatment room. He cuts her nylon pantyhose open checks her leg. Due to the swelling and Hannah’s severe pain, he sends her to X-ray and then diagnoses a broken ankle and torn ligaments in the knee. Hannah now has to choose between an operation and a leg cast. Sie decides on the cast. Max vows to support her. With her recently applied pink LLC, Hannah is released home. Max helps her to make herself comfortable in the back seat of the car.
When they arrive home, he puts her injured leg on a pillow and sits down with her on the sofa. It’s finally time to inform Hannah’s parents who have been waiting for them in vain for hours. While Hannah tells them everything, Max strokes Hannah’s healthy leg and her toes peeking out of the cast. Shortly after, another shock: Hannah remembers that next week is the wedding of Max’s sister. She bought a red dress for that – red dress and pink cast, that’s not possible! Max suggests to pull black nylons over the cast. Hannah is not entirely convinced of this idea, but agrees to give it a try.

18,00  total
18,00  total


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  1. Mattheo

    Hallo alexandrafootage, ich habe diese Webseite schon länger “beobachtet”, seit du/ihr auch Gipsvideos macht. Bis jetzt fand ich zwar alle interessant, aber keins hat mich so sehr gereizt das ich es gekauft habe. Da dieses hier allerdin s haargenau meinem Geschmack entspricht konnte ich einfach nicht widerstehen. Also zack gekauft und direkt angesehen. Ich muss sagen ich hätte nicht erwartet das es SO realistisch bzw überzeugend gespielt ist. Sowohl Alex (oder Hannah) als auch der Freund kommen mega echt rüber und besonders die eher privaten Szenen, wie Zehen streicheln auf dem Sofa etc haben mich unheimlich angesprochen. Bitte weiter so, ich werde mir bestimmt nun doch auch noch eine der anderen Storys gönnen bei Gelegenheit. Daumen hoch!!!

  2. BigBoy

    Sehr geil und authentisch! Neben dem Rotkäppchenvideo ist das nun wohl mein Lieblingsvideo… Auf die Nebendarsteller bin ich übrigens ein wenig neidisch 😁

  3. Lars

    Mit dem Freund hätte ich auch gern getauscht 😉 Gelungenes Video.

  4. nico

    Tolles Video! Mehr kann ich garnicht dazu sagen!

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