Crushing Fruit by Hand

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Alex crushes fruit with her hands. Tangerines, soft kiwis, grapes, mangos and tomatoes burst. Juice squirts everywhere and fruit pulp springs up between her fingers. Some things are destroyed with a single hand, others are torn apart with both, drilled into with fingers or bursted on the table. A pack of eggs also joins the fun. To make it more interesting, Alex applies scared faces to them…
LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN VIDEO: German (no subtitles)
LEVEL: In this case, it won’t affect your pleasure if you don’t understand German at all.

6,00  total
6,00  total
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File Format: mp4 | Part 1: 974 MB – 18:45 Min. | Part 2: 940 MB – 18:10 Min. | Camera Perspectives: multiple | Talking: few (German) | Required Player: e.g. QuickTime Player, VLC Media Player, QuickTime Alternative, FFDShow (for Windows Media Player) | Clip will be provided as download link via mail | Download link expires after 3 days | The teaser images show scenes from ALL PARTS
***iOS devices may not allow the video download. Please use a free app like “Files” in this case. (For instructions consult the FAQ)


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