Longing for Cast

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Part 1 – Cast thoughts
Alex is musing about having a leg cast again. She strokes and massages her feet. She misses the feeling that she had with a cast on her foot. She makes herself comfortable on the bed and looks dreamily at an old picture that shows herself with a red cast. How could she manage to break her ankle again? She considers different options.

Part 2 – The jump
Alex made a decision. She wants to jump from a great height and therefor chose a deer stand. She climbs upstairs and jumps! A moment after, she lies on the ground and cries out in pain. It seems like her plan worked out. Alex is desperately sobbing and screaming for help.

Part 3 – Help
A jogger passes by and calls an ambulance, while Alex still cries and suffers in terrible pain.

Part 4 – At hospital
Dr. Lorenz, the emergency surgeon, examines the injured leg and informs Alex that she will end up having a leg cast. Alex is asked to choose a color and gets a white SLC. After that, she is released from the hospital.

Part 5 – City trip*
Public scenes: Alex walks around the city on crutches. She wears a grey sock over her cast. She’s not allowed to put weight on her right leg yet. Alex buys herself some new shoes, drinks a coffee and gets some things done.

Part 6 – Helped a bit to make it happen
At first, Alex is doing some housework. She wears that grey sock over her cast again. By now, she’s allowed to put weight on the right leg again and doesn’t need her crutches anymore. She talks to a friend on the phone and confesses that her accident was not a real accident. She explains her preference for cast to her friend. The next day, Alex presents her cast to her friend via Skype (without sock).

*There’s only one version of part 5 in the list below because it’s without speech! Don’t forget to add it to your cart.

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  1. Nico

    … und wieder volle Punktezahl für deine Arbeit! Ganz klare kaufempfehlung ! Für mich eines der Highlights ist die Unterhaltung im Krankenhaus!

  2. trepto

    Ich finde die Outdoorszenen super – echt mutig in der Öffentlichkeit! Die hätten auch noch weitergehen können, gerne auch mehr Ansichten in der Totalen.

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