Mishap on the way (Sprain, Crutches, Nylons)

12,00  total

Janine looks at her mobile as she walks. She stumbles and twists her right foot. With stabbing pain in her ankle she limps in her high heels to a nearby bench. Since she can’t help herself any other way, she calls her friend Lena. Lena is about to leave to Cologne and needs to catch her train, but she hurries to help Janine. She brings her some crutches from a previous skiing accident and advises her friend – after they have examined the injured ankle together – to go to the doctor. She has also brought Janine a sock, which she pulls over her sprained foot. Since Lena can’t miss her train, she’s not able to help her friend any further. Janine has to go to the doctor alone with only one shoe on her crutches. Carefully she cuts across a residential area, the old town and a small park. Finally she has to climb a staircase until she reaches Dr. Seibert’s office. On the way she stops several times to pause her breath and rub her poor foot.


12,00  total
12,00  total


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