Rivalry (2 casts – SLC + LLC)

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Alexandra Weber starts an internship at the insurance office Schmitt. Employee Luise Brunner is not very enthusiastic about it, because she fears that the pretty and smart Alex will turn out to be a competitor. Alex can score directly with the first successfully completed task with Mr. Schmitt. Afterwards, she is to be introduced to the archive by Luise.
There Luise lets herself be guided by her jealousy and causes an accident in which unsuspecting Alex falls from a ladder and breaks her right leg. Mr. Schmitt hastens to free the poor trainee’s pinched ankle and examines the injury. He also doesn’t suspect that Luise is to blame for the whole drama.
After Alex has gotten a yellow LLC and crutches at the hospital, Mr. Schmitt drives her home.
A few days later, however, the hard-working new employee returns to the company – much to the displeasure of Luise, who from now on is making life difficult for the new colleague with small mean things. True to the proverb “Harm set, harm get.”, this leads to Luise also being injured and shortly afterwards appearing in the office with a white SLC and crutches…
Will the two still get together after all? And how will Mr. Schmitt thank his employees for their commitment despite handicaps? See for yourself!

two girls – two injuries – two leg casts | yellow LLC | white SLC | cast sock | nylons over cast | high heels and crutches | in the car with LLC | sprain | pain | foot massage

23,00  total
23,00  total


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  1. Dirk

    Ich kann gar nicht sagen wie sehr ich den Herrn Schmitt beneide. Vielleicht sollte ich bei mir im Lager auch mal eine wackelige Leiter hinstellen 😉 Spaß beiseite – ich finde das Video mega, wegen mir hätte es gern noch viel länger sein dürfen. Am besten fand ich die Szenen wie Luise mit einem Higheel sich am Schreibtisch langhangelt 🙂 Hoffentlich bald noch mehr Gips+Nylon Kombi. Daumen hoch!

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