Shoecast instead of crutches for Isabell (SLC)

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Isabell, who wears a light blue SLC after a hiking accident, has a hard time with her crutches. They constantly fall over when she leans them somewhere – and walking with them isn’t easy for her either. Luckily, her friend Marie brings her a walking sole (Shoecast) that she fetched for Isabell at the pharmacy. Isabell is excited: with the sole she can walk almost normally again! And the doctor has given her permission to put weight on the injured foot from now on. 
Marie helps Isabell put on the sole, and we can gather some information about the accident from their conversation. 
Isabell uses the regained freedom of movement for a little housework. She wears her long black pants over the cast, with the part showing out with her toes and the Castshoe forming an interesting contrast. The healthy foot is adorned with a black Scholl clog with a wooden sole.
As Isabell sits down at her desk for a while and busies herself with her laptop, we have a chance to get a close-up look at her feet and the toes with French Pedicure. Isabell moves them around lost in thought, playing with her clog.
Shortly after, Marie comes by again to pick up Isabell for a walk with dog Hermann. But first she has a surprise for her friend: she has brought some pens from the office to decorate Isabell’s cast. While Marie adds a pink flower pattern to the light blue SLC, the girls talk about how the cast and the walking sole feel.
During the subsequent walk with Marie and Hermann, Isabell enjoys walking with the Shoecast. To present the beautifully painted cast during a short photo stop, she rolls up her trouser leg and takes off the walking sole.

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14,00  total
14,00  total
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  1. Jo

    Schon allein die Fotos … Zehentraum 🙂

  2. Chuck Finley

    Eines der Highlights ist sicherlich das Zehen und Latschenspiel unter dem Tisch. Isabell sieht einfach bezaubernd aus, Frisur, Outfit und Gips sind perfekt! Die Optik mit dem nur im Fußbereich sichtbaren Gips mit Shoecast ist wunderschön! Ein Video der Extraklasse!😍

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