The Cast Cottage – An Unusual Holiday

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Part 1
Coco wants to go on a hiking holiday with her friends Sven and Tanja – despite the fact that she’s got her leg in cast! Tanja seems to be considerate of Coco’s handicap, but Sven is already annoyed when driving off. A hiking holiday with LLWC, how is that supposed to work? Arriving at the holiday home, the three plan their hiking route for the next day. Sven can not resist his sarcastic comments, but Coco is in a good mood and optimistic.
The next morning, Sven and Tanja wait for Coco at the appointed time, but Coco is tardy. Sven persuades Tanja to go without her. They leave her a message. Shortly after Coco realizes that her friends have left her behind. She decides to leave. She packs her backpack and crutches to the nearby street. She tries to hitchhike, but no one gives her a lift. So, Coco walks aimlessly through the forest until she arrives at an unusual place.

Part 2
Coincidentally, Coco has ended up at the Cast Joy Cottage – the small hotel has specialized in the needs of “leg-disabled”. The cordial hostess Miriam, herself a little restricted with an arm sleeve, has another free room for Coco and introduces her to Sara, who wears a Vacoped. The two of them make friends and spend a leisurely afternoon by the fire, discussing their respective injuries. On the way back to the main house Coco wants to take a shortcut and falls …

Part 3
Miriam came to help Coco after her fall. Back at the house, the three women are worried that Coco has seriously injured her foot. They examine and cool her toes. However, nothing seems to have happened and they drink to the shock with a glass of booze.
The next day, they go on a trip with the “cast shuttle“– Miriam drives Sara and Coco on a beautiful scenic road. In the cozy back of the bus, the two take off their shoes, enjoy the great view and have lots of fun. After a refreshing walk, they go back to the Cast Joy Cottage.
A few days later, Coco has to leave and say goodbye to Miriam and Sara. Miriam hints that Coco can return to the Cast Joy Cottage without a “real” injury.

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  1. großundbärtig

    Abgesehen davon das der Gips für meinen Geschmack etwas voluminöser hätte sein dürfen, finde ich die gesamte story einfach extrem niedlich. Ja, niedlich! Im positiven Sinne! Wäre gern bei der Ausflugsfahrt im Bulli dabei gewesen 🙂 Weiter so Alex.

  2. Mirko

    Hi Alex, vielen Dank für ein, wieder mal, perfektes Gipsbein-Video.
    Ich kann großundbärtig nur zustimmen, Ich wäre aber am liebsten bei dem ganzen Urlaub mit dabei gewesen und mit einem eigenen Gips.
    Der große lange Gips und deine süßen, herausguckenden Zehen mit perfekter Pediküre, sind der hingucker im ganzen Film.
    Vielen dank dafür.
    Ein muss für jeden Gipsliebhaber mach bitte weiter so.
    MfG Mirko

  3. nico

    Hallo Alex, ganz klare 5 Sterne! Wunderbare Geschichte und super erzählt! Der Gips, deine Füße und auch das Vacoped und die Füße von Sara sind 1a+! Man merkt dir den Spaß und die Hingabe bei der Arbeit an! Ich hoffe das wir noch sehr lange und dieser Art und Weise von Dir sehen werden!

  4. Mistercast

    Sehr schöne und kreative Geschichte 🙂
    Auf die Idee mit den Krücken an der Wand von der Pension muss man erstmal kommen.
    Schöner LLWC. Auch der Vacoped hat mir sehr gut gefallen.
    Gern mehr von solchen Videos.

    Viele Grüße

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