The Code (Kidnapping, Tickling)

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The banker’s daughter is engrossed in her reading and listens to music through headphones. The kidnapper strikes. Shortly after, the young woman is tied to a workbench in a secret place. Screams? Discussions? Useless. The kidnapper is well prepared and knows his trade. Disguised with a hangman’s mask, he shows his victim what he could do with a series of prepared tools. He demands the code to her father’s safe. Despite her fear, the banker’s daughter at first pretends to be mocking and claims to know nothing. But her tormentor knows only too well how to deal with this attitude. He knows the methods that already made stubborn witches talk in the Middle Ages. Does his victim know that even laughter can break the will after a certain time? The kidnapper takes his preferred instrument from an old chest: a feather.
At first he tickles the neck and chin of the young woman, who shortly afterwards can no longer keep her laughter in check. Nevertheless, she remains steadfast, but the kidnapper is not deterred by that. He now applies himself to her feet…

Tickle thrill with medieval undertones!

12,00  total
12,00  total
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  1. Anonymous

    Super Video!

  2. Paul

    Hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen! Gute Dialoge & tolles Lachen 😛

  3. Markus

    Das Video ist sehr gut gelungen. Prima Idee und ein tolles Lachen. ?

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