The Office Trap (Shrinking, Giantess)

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Alexandra is especially friendly to her three colleagues and brings them coffee. The three do not know what to expect, but minutes later, they are tiny and helpless at the mercy of the huge Alexandra! Finally, she can take revenge for the three men treating her like a stupid intern in the past – constantly having to make copies for them, make coffee, and run errands. That’s enough of that! One by one, Giantess Alexandra teaches a lesson that not all of them will survive …

7,00  total
7,00  total
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1 review for The Office Trap (Shrinking, Giantess)

  1. Bryce

    Really enjoyed the video. I would love to see a giantess video where she eats people with some mouth close ups. I know this is more of a foot site, but I think it would be great.

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