Wheelchair Romance

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Michelle has had a sports accident and broke her right ankle. On top of it, she has a torn ligament and several bruises on her left leg, so she is now dependent on a wheelchair for a few days. What will her crush Christoph say? Michelle is terribly nervous and is afraid that Christoph could find her unattractive with her foot in a cast, sitting in a wheelchair. When Christoph comes over, he’s just as excited as Michelle. She has took his heart by storm for a long time, but so far he has not dared to take the next step. In her purple cast and the wheelchair, Michelle appears to be even more beautiful to him! He secretly admires Michelle’s sweet toes which stick out of the cast.
Christoph persuades Michelle to go for a walk. Although initially embarrassed to be pushed by him in a wheelchair, she agrees. After the two have walked for a while, the ice is broken and the two relax and laugh a lot. Christoph has managed to cheer Michelle up. He even dares to touch her cast and tickle her toes. At the end of the walk, they finally get closer …

(Slow motion with musical backdrop)

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